Thursday, September 24, 2015


"... An intuitive desperate cognition with all it's neural schemas and neural patterns, clubbed with unblemished perceptions, crossing pragmatic horizons, beyond elated fantasies, and planes of acute dichotomy, made it's maiden leap to unveil all the vivid stigmas, in a much eccentric helix, gliding along the swarm of unmasked feelings and riding with ecstatic emotions of exuberance, to touch and feel the rarest invisible string of an enigmatic persona, only to realize that the ergodic coordinates of time surpassed his 'let it happen' probable syndrome as the paradigm shift was perpendicular, yet parallel, to the axis of their life ...."

It doesn't matter to her.

She had her Coffee and left, to be herself.


Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Erase a Race

They say, in India, that caste based Reservations are rampant and menacing, and hence, they want to unravel it...


They never want to unravel the caste factor, which is prevalent in every mode of social life, in India, right from rampant untouchability practices, across the nation, to menacing caste based vote bank politics.

By the way, when will God unravel the rampant tradition of reserved caste based access to priesthood and stop the menacing practice of marriage within own caste.


PS : Written for 3WWW for the hints Menacing, Rampant and Unravel