Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sensitivity- Drabble


It was a summer afternoon. 6 young cute chicks of a hen were very hungry since a day. The hen could not find food for them in those fully concreted dry urban streets. After struggling for two hours she found some grains, but the cock ate them. After one more hour, she found some small insects  and quickly signaled her chicks, who finished them in a brisk pace. The hen was still hungry but she was more happy for her kids. Ironically, our empathy and compassion are strangely and brutally detached from the pain of miserable mother of those tiny insects .


PS :  drabble is a fiction of exactly 100 words in length.
PPS :  Expressed for 3ww with hinted words Brisk, Detached and Miserable


Sheilagh Lee said...

yes I think that is because I like chickens and hate insects.LOL

oldegg said...

The ultimate goal of any parent is to perpetuate the species even to the destruction of others. If we feel guilty about the animals we devour should we not feel equally guilty about the forests we destroy and the oceans we ravage. We do not live in harmony with the world but in a fragile truce.