Friday, October 30, 2009

Awards and Prizes

Hello Friends ..... Hurray!!! ....... I have achieved it ..... I am waiting for this moment since months ...... It is like my dream coming true ...... Am excited and elated ...... Am writing this topic from cloud-9 ...... It 's celebration  time ...... Its time for awards and prizes .......... Any Guesses from you guys? ...... Nope, it is not about my 50th post of my blog ....... The hottest flash news is that ....... I am being declared as the winner of a prestigious international prize ........ Now, any guesses?.....No?.........I got BOOKER PRIZE 2010 for my d├ębut novel " Promises and Illusions" .....Yeah ....Congratulate me guys ....Ehem! ..... What happened??? ...... You dont believe it ??? ..... Am serious guys ....... Am not kidding ...... Why, what happened? ...... Why are you whispering? ...... Wait, wait, wait ....... Let me explain you.

Recently, I made a promise to the Booker Committee that I am going to write a book with title "Promises and Illusions" in coming months. I told them about the book's concept and they really felt happy with my unique skills and talent in literature. Consequently, they have announced, unanimously,  their unbiased and unambiguous  decision tonight......Still you don't believe it??

Guys, common wake up, open your eyes. Look at the world. Get the updates and happenings. Welcome and accept the change. Rules have been broken, already.Look around.
India is going to win World Cup 2011 as the team has promised  that it will participate in the trophy.
Karan Johar is going to get Best director award in Oscars 2011 as he has intention to make a movie "Hypocrisy and Sycophancy " with Tom Hanks and Angelina.
My cousin will get into IIT in 2013 as he has announced about  his preparation recently.
In India, every student will be given distinction if they get hall tickets.

It is quite easy guys. Zero efforts. It is all about Media Management and polarised politics. It is all about mere promises and trendy  announcements. Anyone can claim anything now, irrespective of whether they deserve it or not.

Manipulations have replaced Qualifications.
Ethnics have replaced Ethics.
Standings have replaced Standards.
Committees have replaced Commitments.
Dictations have replaced Dedications.
Deliberations have replaced Directions.
"KNOW BULL"  has replaced the NOBEL......

Yes, I know it is too sarcastic and satirical. But what else i can do?

Nobel Peace Prize for Obama????????
Does he really deserve it ?
Can Obama resolve at-least one of the above issues to restore peace?

1. Sir, could you please allow the children, women and common citizens of Palestine to live without daily  dose of bombs and weapons?
2. Sir, could you please leave Iraq(and its oil) to let the people of Iraq live in peace, now at-least?
3. Could you please ask your pet doggy Pakistan to stop terrorism on its land, if not in India??
4. Could you please dump your thousands of nuclear bombs into Pacific/Atlantic before demanding/commanding the remaining world for peaceful cooperation?
5. Could you please reduce your 25% share of global greenhouse gas emissions so that all living creatures can live in a peaceful and green atmosphere?
6. Could you please restrict your sponsoring to world terrorism to support your domestic weapon manufacturing comapnies so that we can feel the Peace?
7. Could you please stop yourself from interfering in other country's domestic issues so that we can have peaceful coexistence ?
8. Could you please control your puppets UNO, IMF and World Bank from ripping apart the lives of millions of people being crushed under poverty?
9. Could you please stop your camouflaged and cultural Domination in the name of Globalisation and Liberalisation  which are  erasing many diversified  cultures and endangered species from the Earth.
10. Could you please reduce your greed and intensity of your thirst to suck out all the world's natural resources in the name of corporal development and boasted achievements so that the rest of the world can survive peacefully(remember? your native Africa)?

Sir, have you ever heard about the words, Transparency, Accountability, Responsibility , Mutual existence and Sustainability?
Sir, you said, 'Mahatma is your inspiration'. Have your really understood and felt the meanings of Truth and Peace?

Sir, we the people from other side of the westernised corporal society urge  you to let us struggle for our basic amenities as usual. We are not even asking for self respect, we just want a peaceful earth to survive in the brutal race of Existence and Evolution. Please give us a piece of PEACE.

Anyways, I know, as of now, your mighty Money Weapon is powerful than our noble Nobel pen.

Q: Who will get Nobel Peace Prize in 2010?
A: Osama(If he promises that he will stop terrorism from next year)
PS: As per the Nobel Committee's new guidelines, all the Nobel Peace Prizes until 2100 have been reserved for Indian Politicians as no one else have made so many promises(castles in air) successfully, since 1947.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

55 words # 4

Note:- 55 Fiction infers to fictional writings bounded to a maximum of fifty-five words.


"Hey Karthik, what are you reading? ", asked Vivek.

"It is a Personality Development book, titled, 'How to become Successful' "

"What is it all about?"

"It explains how people like Lincoln, Kalaam, Gandhi, Sachin, Rahman have become successful in their lives..."

"So, did you learn anything?"



"....that those people had never read this book..."

55 words # 3

Note:- 55 Fiction infers to fictional writings bounded to a maximum of fifty-five words.


A young camel is asking her mom .....

" Why do we have  long eyelashes, ear hairs, seal-able nostrils ? "

" form a barrier against sand in desert"

" Why widened feet? "

"... to move without sinking into the sand"

 " Why our mouth is very sturdy ?"

  " chew thorny desert plants "

" Then why we are in a zoo now ??? "

Friday, October 16, 2009

55 words # 2

Note:- 55 Fiction infers to fictional writings bounded to a maximum of fifty-five words.


"Please.....only one!", Kittu asked his mom one more time.
 "No", She replied.
 "Last year also I didn't buy it", he pleaded.
 "OK, but small one", she said, and gave him ten rupees.
  Kittu ran out of his hut and bought a small   rocket.  He lit it with excitement.  It didn't take off...
  Manufacturing defect.


Happy Deepawali

We have different types of crackers for Deepawali . Among all of them , please do not forget to buy at-least one rocket . Because, there are many children around us, who cannot afford it, and will be eagerly awaiting to watch them in sky, with joy and  excitement. Lets share their happiness, smiles and spirit. Happy Deepawali.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


 Kaaveri is a quite cute and delightfully pretty gal. She is 7 years old. She is good at studies and aims to become doctor in future. Today is very special for her. Yes, her birthday. She is awaiting for this particular day since months. Her parents have planned everything. She has been discussing with her friends about the way every second has to  be spent on this day. Her mother did wake her up with a warm hug, a sweet kiss and lovely greetings.  She got dressed up in a beautiful white skirt.

Kaaveri is looking like an angel. Her dad and her brother wished her in their own ways with lots of exclusive  gifts showering upon. Kaaveri do swims in the love ocean of her family, always.  She tasted her favourite sweet . She is more eager to be at school than at her home. Everything is  happening as she expected. The school bus came.  She took the chocolate box, kissed her mom and rushed towards the bus to catch the expected cheer ups from her friends. She is more interested in the celebration time at school, rather than at her home.
The journey to her school was filled with sensuous feelings, thoughts and expectations . She loves her school very much. Kaaveri becomes emotional regarding any aspect of school, be it teachers, play ground, uniform, shoes, books, home work, exams, friends, birthdays, marks, pats, smiles, fun, playing,  Meanwhile,  the bus reached the school. She entered the school premises with a sense of belongingness.She loves her friends a lot.

When she entered the classroom, everything did happen as per her expectations, as if it is scripted. She was bit blushing with the loving compliments and pleasantly surprised greetings. She did grab every inch of attention, may be because she is topper of the class too. She did feel the pinch of priority among her friends on that day.  She never felt her classroom so soothing and concerned about her. She distributed chocolates to everyone in the classroom and she did remember every greeting wished by her classmates. Her classroom means a lot to her, almost, a family.

She is waiting for the best moment of her day. Her wait ended as her favourite teacher 'Krishnaveni' madam entered the class. Kaaveri admires and reveres her teacher her a lot, more than god. She is madam's favourite student.  Kaaveri was approaching 'Krishnaveni' madam to give chocolates and to take  blessings from her. Exactly, when she was bowing to touch her madam's feet, Kaveri heard someone shouting at her in a  harsh and loud voice, "Kaaaaavereeeee, wake up, it is already 6...quick.....wash the utensils and clean the flour....Kaaavereee .....  today is Neha's birthday, make it fast". Kaaveri woke up in a hurry and felt disappointed with her favourite incomplete dream. She is habituated, she dreams it regularly, day and night. What else a child labour like Kaaveri can do other than dreaming. She even don't know that she is a child labour. She is too small and innocent to know about the legal Rights and constitutional stuff. She neither knows her birthday nor her parents.  All she knows is hungry, insecurity, fear, hard-work besides few hopes and sweet dreams.

I wish, Kaaveri will dream about someone coming forward to take the responsibility of making her childhood bit better, bit cheerful, bit colourful and bit meaningful. Thank God(Where is he? Enjoying his Script?), at least she has got the  liberty to dream...... Just look around. Many Kaaveris are desperately in need of us, the so called elite, educated, developing Indians.

Any Kaaveri at your home or at your friends/relatives homes???
We, together, can definitely contribute more, than writing and reading.

"Happy Birthday, Kaaveri"

Saturday, October 10, 2009


I came across this poem  written by a 12year old girl whose father molested her for around four years and she had no one to complain and protect her . I read it in my friend's blog ( ) . Initially i was thinking to comment on this. I had so much anguish that i wanted to vent it on my blog in my words.           


 ***  In the recent survey it is stated that around 53% children in India are the victim of child abuse.

Half the children in our country are in HELL.

I don't know what to say and what to write. Because just writings are not enough. We need actions, stringent, commited, immediate , at least voice and moral support.

Which adjective and which language can reflect and convey the agony behind the tears of those tender buds? Is there something like language of humanity? I do not know how many silent tears are feeling shy, every second, to come out of those innocent eyes, secretly, isolated, alone,  flowing through the cheeks of humiliation and vanishing into the well of depression . Its hard to understand how those tiny hands are consoling those fearsome eyes when they wipe the lava of emotional volcano. 

  What's happening in the land of "Pithrudevobhava"??.
Is this all our Education, manners, culture, IT,  Super power dreams, vision 2020,??? Why are we boasting ourselves so much.  In the rat race of materialistic consumerism we are shedding our clothes of human bonds and sentiments . Is it because of our irrational obsessions.??

The arrogant virus of individuality has crept so much into the  brains that even the virus has started hating the human race.The world is so obsessed with the train of globalisation in order to reach the station of development, that, the societal, cultural, moral, ethical values are getting limited to books and blogs. Such pathetic incidents on kids do indicate that the evolution of human degradation has started. I wish the angel of global warming will wipe out the virus of human race as early as possible.

Do we need to change the meaning of father, brother, sister, daughter, uncle in the dictionary of relationships ? 
Do we need machines that scan every glance, every touch, every kiss, every intention of adults towards kids?  

We can't keep making laws for each and every immoral act happening within the family boundaries and bondings?. We are badly missing the moral education. All we know is technical education. We speak the language of money, language of success, language of computers, language of fame, language of being western, language of development, language of blah blah blah.....We have become so mechanical that we  may need to get programmed in order to respond.

Or, do we need Deprogramming/reprogramming?

It may sound extremes for you. Yes, I am angry, indeed, frustrated. I want to respond, on behalf of those hapless kids and tainted blossoms. I am going to. I have to. We have to. We should , we must, we will.


What shall be done?
Where shall we start?
Will you come forward, friends? 

(* I thank Suga for providing me an opportunity to write an intense topic)

Monday, October 5, 2009

55 words # 1

Note:- 55 Fiction infers to fictional writings bounded to a maximum of fifty-five words.


We have seen enough rains and floods.
We have watched enough visuals in news channels regarding the plight of the victims. We have criticized enough, the loopholes of Indian administration and disaster management. We have passed enough comments about the responsibilities of Government. Now, we have enough time to act.
Please, DONATE and Contribute, NOW !!!.


I was in second standard when i had a peculiar feeling to say those special words to our English teacher. I never concentrated on what she taught in the class, but I used to observe how she taught. Somehow, I had conveyed her those three words when I was in ninth... , "I Love You, Mom ".


She was waiting for him since fifteen minutes. He was quite handsome and manly. She knew that he would definitely come to talk with her, though it is a public place . Her wait ended as he had approached her and looking into her beautiful eyes, he said in a gentle and mild voice, "Ticket Please... "

Taste of Life

He is thinking about his strong and intense desire to taste that drink. Many of his friends have tasted it. He thought about his wife and kids for a while. But, he felt, this is the right time in his life to taste it. So, finally he drank it , the pesticide, Indian farmer's favourite drink.


I was thinking.
I was thinking about my strong desire.
I was thinking about my strong desire to write.
I was thinking about my strong desire to write a topic
I was thinking about my strong desire to write a topic in exactly 55 words.
My thinking did work and I am done with many.