Thursday, September 10, 2009

Why? Yes Sir!

There is a village called Andhera in south India. I never understood why the name was given to this village which means "Darkness" . People of Andhera are into high production in all sectors and they don't know why they are still in darkness though they perform better than most of the villages in India. In spite of better resources and opportunities, it lacks something to reach the goal of development.

People of
Andhera are so capable and able that they have decided to buy an aeroplane for the village to reach a place called "Development" . First they went to a clever and intelligent business man called " Sunder Babu" and gave him 100 crores for one aeroplane. He opened his laptop and gave them a power point presentation on aeroplane making and charged 100 crores for that. Some people were happy because they have seen a laptop at least. They called him great leader with vision, clapped and cheered loudly, returned back to normal life. People who did not understood the laptop masala, wanted a change. Though everyone knows where the 100 crores went, no one dared against the laptop leader. Babu built an empire with 100 crores.

Next time they have decided to bring a change in their approach towards development . So, they have approached a new, smart, efficient, capable businessman called "Why? Yes Sir!(dont ask me about his background)" . They went to him because his shop had many banners saying "Free, Free, Free". ...." Buy 5 aeroplanes @ 500 crores and get 5,00,000 small toy aeroplanes free along with unlimited lollipops and biscuits for everyone"..... People were excited with this offer, and were ready to bear the burden 500 crores in future budgets .
He promised colourful colours and free rainbows. The deal was done. People were busy playing with those tiny, free aeroplanes along with eating delicious, colourful , attractive free lollipops. The free lollipops were so tasty that people forgot about their money and the destination called "development". The free offer was for everyone....Bureaucrats, High Command, Farmers, print media, Administration, visual media, ministers, political opponents and rivals, Industrialists, Landlords, Real Estate, Contractors .The impact of free lollipops was so much that when someone asked "Why", immediately , a magnified and manipulated "Yes" was brought into picture on the instructions of "Sir". Finally people invented a new lollipop GOD in " Why? Yes Sir ". God built many empires and became an emperor of Andhera. When God died, some disciples died too, thanks to over projection of TV channels. Now, God's Son and Prince, namely "Gun" is ready to give more lollipops, may be, he will add potato chips also. Great business indeed and Andhera people call it as Democracy(what is it?)

I asked a guy on the the day of rituals, "Why do you treat him as God". He said, "Sir gave us delicious lollipops, tasty chocolates, cream biscuits.....all for free free free.....but Babu never gave us anything".....Hmmm.......Now i understood why this village is being called as
Andhera . I am moved by the pathetic situation of the people of Andhera where they have to choose between the two worst options.

Anyways , a free question for readers

Q)"Why? Yes Sir!" has become GOD because

a) Babu was not GOD
b) Free Lollipops, chocolates, biscuits....
c) Darkness of Andhera
d) All the above

Whoever attempts this question ,will be given a great chance to write comments on this topic. Its absolutely FREE.... FREE....FREE.

You may say, what about the answer?. Arrey, Who wants the answers man?

Chalo bolo, "Why? Yes Sir" Amar rahe....

Amar rahe .... Ameer rahe .... AMEER Rahe...

Now, try to find the meaning of the below words
"Dynasty Politics"