Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Indian Culture

Indian Culture. What is Indian Culture? Are both Hinduism and Indian Culture same ? You may get bundles of standard hypocritical replies, customized answers as well as conventional, traditional, orthodox definitions for this magnified question. But, my question is who defines the criteria for defining the parameters, premises, horizons, mirages and boundaries of Indian Culture. Putting in a straight way , I am questioning all those self proclaimed patriots of Ram Sena and other fundamentalist organizations , who attacked few girls in a pub recently in the name of preserving, protecting and defending Indian culture and Hinduism . Yes, I am serious and a bit angry as i feel, 'enough is enough'. I request all the relevant organizations and associations to please enlighten my small innocent mind by answering the above questions .

1. Why do you put restrictions on girls following the western culture where as you and your sons follow and absorb every western stuff , from clothing to technology. Is corruption in their clothes or in your minds?
2. Who defines the morals, values and social ethics in the land of Kamasutra and Khajuraho temples?
3. How come do you expect to have a common culture in the land where you find diversity in eating habits, clothing, language, religion, traditions, customs and approach towards life ?
4. Instead of defining how girls should live in India , why don't you concentrate on eradicating social evils like Dowry, Flesh trade, Women Harassment, Girl child labour and Eve teasing and hence prove your patriotism ?
5. Is India a land which is known for embracing different cultures and traditions since ages or a land where religious minorities are being attacked to have a secure vote bank ? Have you ever heard the phrase "Religious Tolerance" ?
6. You have attacked M F Hussain for allegedly drawing naked pictures of Saraswathi and Bharatmata. How about Kalidasa who described the high pitch romance between Lord shiva and goddess Parvathi in his erotic classic "Kumarasambhavam"(meaning, creating a child) ?
7. Are you going to attack all those staunch devotees who worship goddess 'Kali' in naked form and offering her goats and liquor ?
8. How about the tribals who have a culture of marrying their cousins and grand children ? Women in certain tribes do follow the dress code which may not be digested by you. Do you want all those original ethnic Indians to leave the country?
9. Sir, will you please clean your so called Hinduism by eradicating the ever existing 'Caste system ' and 'Untouchability' ? Is not it corruption of religion?
10. Why do we Hindus need to maintain double standards regarding sexual education and opinions. Why should we perceive it as a sin and impure thing ? Is not it the historical and cultural naked fact and truth that the "Shiva ling" we worship is nothing but the union of male and female sexual organs which denotes the holiness, naturality, divineness and fertility of instinctual human sex ?
11. What is Hinduism? Which Hinduism you are talking about? Vedic religion? Shaivism? Veera shaivism ? Vaishnavism? Dwaitam? Advaitam? Vishistadvaitham? Buddhism? Jainism? Shakthi cult? Vedanta? Vasudeva cult?. Is Hinduism a religion or a way of living?
12. Am i wrong when I say that my mother India is a land where Mother Theresa is revered as Godess kaali and where Bharatratna Ustad Bismillah Khan Sahib, a pious Shi'ite Muslim, like many Indian musicians, regardless of religion, a devotee of Saraswati, has often played at Hindu temples, including the famous Vishwanath Temple in Varanasi, on the banks of the river Ganga ? Have you ever heard "Secularism" ?
13. Should all the south Indians(read as Dravidians) reject Hinduism just because it has been tactfully and forcefully implied by the north Indians(read as Aryans) , thousands of years ago? Should all the south Indians stop celebrating Holi, Raksha bandhan and Deewali just because they have been imported from north India. Cultural conflict right?
14. Will you please concentrate on filtering out fake Babas and Gurus in ashrams who earn crores of rupees in the name of religion, devotion, charity, yoga and meditation and divert that money to eradicate poverty in the society.?
15. Instead of targeting valentines day , why don't you stop child marriages and educate the AIDS impact among commercial sex workers who struggle to get their livelihood.
16. By the way how about the two phrases of Hinduism "Vasudaivaka Kutumbam(One Universal Family)" and "Sarvejanaa Sukhinobhavanthu". Do they have any relevance in your principles and standards?
17. Last one. Will you please tell me whether beating girls in broad daylight by a patriotic mob , just because they are having their private time in a pub, is Indian Culture? How come you can force your opinions on our sisters and mothers?

Before you come with your scripted, prejudiced and biased answers to my questions, let me clear you one thing. Except the Indian constitution, no other book should define how should we live our lives or what should our sisters wear and what should they drink . We know our religion and Hinduism is in existence and evolution since ages and it can very well handle the external forces. Except a girl's parents, no one has got the right to question the morality and character of a girl . An Indian girl has the right to take her decisions, to have freedom in spending her private time and to live her life the way she wants to. All i want to assert is , ''Stop moral and cultural policing" in the name of religion and culture , and yes, I mean it. Do not try to restrict the Individuality of a girl and do let us in providing her the Liberty to progress and sustain in this society as a blossomed flower. I am not talking about Feminism here, I am asking for "Gender Equality". As an Indian, I, and everyone, do have the right to question you people the very validity and the contemporary relevance of Indian Culture and that is the true essence and soul of "Indian Culture"