Tuesday, August 19, 2008


On August 15 2008, Friday, one more nationalistic ritual called "Independence Day" was being performed (not celebrated) . By the evening we got to see our National Flag in gutters, on roads , in dustbins and at every place where it should not be. We paid respects to our National Flag by watching movies and TV stuff, get-togethers, blah blah blah...... Thank God, its not Sunday or Saturday, else we could have lost one more Holiday. And who the hell want to know what's the essence of it because many of us still don't know the difference between Independence Day and Republic Day. U may say, "Common Mahesh! take easy....... both give Holidays". You are right. Why the hell to bother who is bombing where and why??. Why the hell to bother who hoisted which nation's flag ??(Yes, Pakistan flag has been hoisted in Srinagar on August 15 2008 ). Why the hell to bother when did Hyderabad got Independence?? Why the hell to bother why India has the highest number of Farmer Suicides ?? . Why the hell to bother why Inflation is rising?? Anyways , we have plenty of Politicians to blame for, as we are busy in working for US Outsourced Business to run their economy round the clock. We only bother whenever the rupee value increases against US dollar. Its ironical that being Indians we pray for rupee value decrement .

But someone really bothered about this day . I saw them at traffic signals , knocking the car windows in heavy rain , selling paper flags to fill their stomach. Poverty or Patriotism??...... I saw small kids selling paper flags to the children of so called elite people near schools .Child Labour or Survival??...... I saw them in cafes and fast food joints cleaning the tables and cups but still wearing the pride flag on their shirt pocket. Employment or Struggle??.......... I saw them at midnight cleaning the roads with flagged garments and cleaning the sewerage filled manholes in broad daylight . Compulsion or Determination??......... I saw them asking for monetary help near bus stops. Farmers or Beggars??............. It doesn't matter for them on which week day it comes ,but for them it should come as many times as it can in a year. They may not know Jana Gana Mana, may not know who designed our National Flag, may not recognise Indian map even, but, friends they are working for India. They need Strong rupee value against dollar so that that they can have 2 meals a day, 2 pairs of clothes to exchange . Who is responsible for their misery???............... On August 15, 1947 British left us giving Independence and then we took a great oath by saying, "Its now our turn to loot our own country and people" , and we named it "Independence Day". Earlier we were a colony of British and now of USA. Earlier English ruled us, now India is running on English(including my blog). Where is the independence???.....................By the way , have you ever imagined what Gandhi was doing on that day(August 15, 1947 ). He had neither hoisted the tricolour nor gave pompous speeches , he was in Kolkatta serving the victims of communal riots.

Now, you may ask, " Mahesh, what the hell are you doing then??....Writing Blogs?? ". Yeah , you are right. I did nothing. But I have thoughts and Ideas , just like you, and i am starting in that direction soon.

Will you join me ???

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